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The perfect last minute gift

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Invoice 9543306 05/17/2017

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New email here, it's me

Hello, dude!

Sorry, new email address here.

So, d'you remember these slim drugs I said I was gonna try last week?

Lo and behold, 1 week down and I am down 12 lbs!

There are the snaps of me before/after and a little surprise just for you

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New mail address here, sorry

Hello there, you!

I'm sorry, new email here.

So, do you remember these slim drugs I told you I was gonna try last week?

Lo and behold, 1 week down and I'm also down 5 lbs!

There are the snaps of me before and after and a little surprise for you

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Dear mktweb2.guiarepre,

We are looking for employees working remotely.

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